Milenio Island black

Touch Display
700 or 850 m 3 / h
44-64 dB (69 dB additional turbine)
Works as an abosrber/exhaust

Robust, solid lump is synonymous with durability and uptime. The ideal solution for the kitchen with an island, kt & oacute; ra is increasingly popular element of the modern interior. Using supports the intuitive touch-control panel.

The eaves Milenio Island TOFL company uses many innovative solutions such as:

  • The use of the latest generation of LED lighting SMD, thanks to which energy consumption is symbolic and the kitchen is clearly visible.
  • Application kilkuwarstwowego aluminum filter, kt & oacute; ry effectively captures particles of fat. Our filter can be washed repeatedly without compromising its functionality.
  • Easy to install carbon filter
  • Four-control of the turbine
  • Timer: Up to 9 minutes
  • Control touch display illuminated in blue

Important features


The new generation of LED lighting. Characterized by clean and bright color thanks to higher brightness give a much better light and are much more resistant to external conditions than the older generation LED lighting.

LED SMD stands negligible failure rate, high resistance to voltage fluctuations and comfortable light without pulsation. Their lifespan is more than 100,000 h. What more the light is not easy on the eyes and it is safe for them. LED lighting power: 2 W which corresponds to 25W halogen lamp.

Easy to clean

Specially selected paint for this model makes it easy to clean, and its luster remains for a long time even after repeated wiping cloth.

Very quiet

The Toflesz company thanks to its long experience in the production of hoods patented system mute its turbines so while maintaining high performance hoods companies achieve low noise.